Greater Faith Temple Apostolic Church PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!
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Mission Statement

Greater Faith Temple Apostolic Church of Christ
Mission Statement


Our Mission
To be a faith generating church whereby the ministries of healing, deliverance and other miracles can be manifested in and through our living for the body of Jesus Christ.
Advocate that we are a faith based church, therefore we should live by our faith in every area of our lives and through prayer and fasting the above will be manifested.

Our Vision

Spiritual & Family Environment

To provide support and encouragement for believers, empowering them to walk in the fear of God.  We strive to assist in the building of strong families by assisting with the upbringing of small children and teens to young adults in single and two parent homes.


People need to be loved, so we endeavor to understand the love of God in Jesus Christ. We strive to share the love of Jesus in generating love to each other and to reach out to the unloved with compassion and acceptance in a very practical way.

Our Purpose 
To understand our purpose in this life. To win souls for the kingdom, to promote personal as well as spiritual growth and to discover and utilize gifts and ministries for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Values
To always be welcoming to all that may enter our church.
To show no prejudices to anyone.