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About Chief Apostle Clyde Smith, Sr.

Chief Apostle Clyde Smith, Sr.
Greater Faith TempleApostolic Church of Christ

Chief Apostle Smith is a dedicated and loving husband and father.  He worked very hard as a full-time pastor and full-time longshoremen.  He retired from his natural job and was then able to dedicate all of his time and energy to feeding the flock that God assigned to his hands.


Chief Apostle Smith, the founder and pastor of Greater Faith Temple Apostolic Church of Christ, Dorchester, SC., has served as Pastor in many different church bodies, such as The Church of God In Christ and The Christian Church.  However, it wasn’t until he met the Late Chief Apostle E.W. Waiters and joined the Faith Temple movement in 1979 that he realized that God had a greater call for his life. 


Chief Apostle Waiters, saw the potential, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the great love Chief Apostle Smith had for God’s people and immediately began to prepare him for the great work that would eventually be assigned to his hands.  Without knowing what was to come, Dad Waiters took Chief Apostle Smith under his wing and guided him into the next phase of his ministry.  After sitting at the Apostle’s feet, Dad Waiters ordained Chief Apostle Smith as a Junior Apostle. Whenever and wherever Chief Apostle Waiters needed him, he was there.  He did whatever was needed to assist in building the Kingdom. 


Chief Apostle Smith served very faithfully by Apostle Waiters’ side for many years and after Apostle Waiters’ death in 1999 he was installed as the Chief Apostle of the entire movement.  Chief Apostle Smith, an example to many, has traveled all over preaching the unadulterated word of God.  He has lead many souls to Christ through his preaching, teaching, fasting, and praying.  Not only does he preach the word of God, he also lives by it. 


He always places the needs of his flock above his own. Chief Apostle Smith, appointed and anointed, is truly an ambassador for Christ.  He takes his role as a representative of Christ very seriously, proclaiming, declaring, and spreading God’s message wherever God leads him.  God has ordained and appointed our ambassador for such a time as this.